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Your involvement will help make this charter school the best it can be. To that end, on this page you will find other information which you can download in .pdf format. You will need Adobe Reader to view these files.

Employment Forms


Report Cards are provided for all public, charter, and alternative schools operating during the 2016-2017 school year. However, Report Cards for charter and alternative schools will vary slightly. Because charter schools are not part of a school district, only state comparisons are provided on their Report Cards. Additionally, quality teacher data are limited for charter schools due to the flexibility allowed in their operations.

RTA Reporting 2016-17

K-8 Charter School Snapshot 2015-16

RTA Reporting 2015-16

K-8 Charter School Snapshot 2014-15

RTA Reporting 2014-15

K-8 Charter School Snapshot 2013-14