2022-23 Open Enrollment

Tuition-free  :  Public Charter  :  Kindergarten through 8th Grade

BEGINS: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

ENDS: Friday, April 22nd, 2022

LOTTERY: Tuesday, April 26th, 2022


1. Tues 1/11/22 @ 6:00 pm all applicants will be emailed a reminder email with the link for the Zoom meeting

2. Thurs 4/21/22 @ 6:00 pm all applicants will be emailed a reminder email with the link for the Zoom meeting

Learn from parents about why TMCS is their school of choice in the video below:


Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

ONLY residents of North Carolina are eligible


What is the Lotterease Seal of Transparency and Fairness?

When you see the Seal on a school website, you can be confident that your application will be included in the school lottery in a fair and transparent way. That is because Lotterease is an independent automated lottery system that the school uses to manage their lottery and waitlist. Since Lotterease is an independent system, the school staff do not have the ability to manipulate or adjust the lottery outcome. They must work within the requirements of the system. In addition, all activity that takes place with your application is tracked in a history log that you can view at any time by logging into the parent portal. If the school you want your child to attend displays the Lotterease Seal of Transparency and Fairness, you can rest assured that you child will get their fair chance to attend the school.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Mountain Community School is to create an educational environment where students are inspired to academic excellence and discovery. Teachers, parents, students, and the community work together to honor individuality and diversity, nurture respect for self and others, and foster a life-long love of learning.

Our school at a glance


We serve 200 children in kindergarten through 8th grade.  Our student population is primarily comprised of children from Henderson, Buncombe, Polk, and Rutherford Counties.


The Mountain Community School staff has over 190 combined years of classroom experience.  11 out of 14 teachers either hold a master’s degree or a national board certification. Our dedicated and experienced support staff team-up with our classroom teachers to provide support and instruction throughout the school day.

Our Campus

We are located in Hendersonville, North Carolina nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  Our campus borders Jackson Park, a beautiful 212 acre green space that we utilize daily for outdoor education, field ecology, and athletic activities.


Family involvement is at the heart of our school community.  School families commit to volunteering each month and help out in classrooms, the office, on school projects or on field trips.

Welcome to TMCS

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about who we are and what makes TMCS a special place to all the children we serve. We are a charter school established in 1999, comprised of approximately 200 students, and located in the mountains of Hendersonville, North Carolina. We are thrilled to provide quality instructional programs to our students. We are committed to not only an integrated challenging curriculum but we also recognize the importance of providing a safe climate where children feel free to express and explore their creative spirits.

What you will witness at the Mountain Community School:

A dedicated, experienced staff that put the individual learning needs of their students first. The TMCS staff is committed to providing a sound curriculum that is engaging, challenging and fun. Our staff understands the importance of establishing a positive climate where children feel safe to take risks and are empowered to take their education to the next level.

Our students are kind, respectful and engaged in their learning. All TMCS students are encouraged to strive to be the best they can be and have a great deal of enthusiasm and pride in their work. Extra-curricular activities are also part of our program. Students can compete in athletics, join the math team, compete in the Destination Imagination competition and more. We are always adding activities to make the overall school experience positive and rewarding.

Our school community is filled with parents that support our mission and all the efforts of the staff and students. We have a high level of volunteerism among our parents. They have a vested interest in the school and work hard to partner with teachers and students, helping to making their child’s educational experience a success. We are truly grateful for the support our parents provide. Their level of dedication and commitment is paramount to the overall success of our school.

Happy, engaged students, a caring dedicated staff and committed parents who support our mission. These are the key ingredients that make The Mountain Community School a special place. We are all proud to be part of such a wonderful program where children are honored and life-long learning is instilled.

In Gratitude,
Denise Pesce, TMCS Principal

As a teacher, I find that our TMCS sense of Community, being staff, families, and students, is one of our biggest strengths.

Cathey Chet

TMCS is a gem. Our job as parents and caregivers is to give our kids the absolute best that we can, to give them the tools to create a life of happiness and fulfillment. TMCS fully embraces the partnership with parents. Our daughter has grown tremendously in confidence, curiosity, and social/emotional intelligence since walking through those doors.

Cecily Timmons

Our school is an educational beacon of the 21st century for our community. An outstanding multidisciplinary teaching team leverages expeditionary learning to guide our children’s education through compassion and mindfulness of each individual’s separate personality and learning style.

Rick Prudhomme

It’s like family, the side of family that’s really good at teaching, supporting, creating and developing really great kids.

Tanya Blackford

TMCS embraced my child where she was at and with an open mind and positive energy. This school has given us hope and has challenged my child to be her best self.

Daphne Kirkwood

I choose TMCS because it’s a small school with great staff. I like TMCS because of the family feeling and the opportunities for parents to be involved.

Blanca Daniels

We love TMCS because it allows us to be very involved in our children’s education. They provide a loving and supportive learning environment which helps build the confidence of the children that they are expected to achieve and they will achieve.

Donecia Santana

We love this school. It is a strong community of students, teachers, and parents who value academics as well as character and kindness.

Holly Robinson

The teachers and staff here are so invested in the students; their love for teaching and the kids really shows. Plus, the field trips are amazing!

Wendy Elis

TMCS is a place where my children, each with their own learning style, have been embraced, encouraged and recognized as individuals with their own unique gifts. The school has created an environment that emphasizes the importance of academics, as well as character, compassion, empathy and responsibility to the world around us.

Kelli Stike

The classroom and resource teachers at TMCS are innovative and committed to helping students succeed. The teachers’ freedom to incorporate their choice of enriching activities and field trips into the curriculum has been significant in sparking my kids’ academic interest, even in subjects they thought might not be “their thing”. I feel indebted to TMCS and the wonderful teachers for their commitment to their students.

Susan Danos

Denise’s Corner

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