Tamara Evans

Art and Music

Tamara Evans

A passion for the arts has been the driving force of my life since childhood. Whether it was through dance, music, poetry, or art…I’ve always had to be creative. I left the coast of NC as a young adult to study dance in California and after one more move to the Pacific Northwest for a bit, I eventually settled in the lovely mountains of WNC to raise a family. We were blessed that our daughter got into TMCS for Kindergarten and then our son a year later. TMCS became a second home for me as a volunteer serving on the school board and as a member of the PTC. During those years I was the owner and operator of Hendersonville Fine Arts Academy and also working as a teacher assistant at TMCS. As the impending “empty nest” syndrome began to set in, I decided to close my business and just stick with my day job to be home more with my own children. When the former art teacher decided to retire, I knew that taking on this new role would be the perfect niche for me at TMCS!

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